Bed Pillow 40cm x 40cm - WHITE FLOWER - WITHOUT PAD ~

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Measurements: 40cm x 40cm without PAD

Our hand embroidery is made for the Lost Corner in Asia by family viillages that have been embroidering for many years. We have visited the villages and seen the families at work.  The craftspeople enjoy what they do and are very proud of their skill.  Each piece of our hand-embroidered bed linen is a labour of love by the individual embroiderers.  It takes 5 hours to complete the embroidery on this Bed Pillow. We are constantly impressed by how much time, skill and dedication they devote to their work.

The process is intense and includes:

stage 1:  Design and draw the embroidery pattern onto the linen or cotton.

stage 2:  Deliver to the homes of the embroiderers.

stage 3: Quality check, deliver to another embroiderer to complete the hemstitch.

Stage 4: Deliver to another embroiderer to close the border line.

Stage 5: Wash, iron, and final inspection before sending to The Lost Corner.

Embroidery times:

Each Duvet requires: 24-27 hours of embroidery.

Each sheet requires: 16 hours of embroidery.

Each tablecloth requires: 35-37 hours of embroidery.

Pair of larger pillowcases requires: 16 hours.

This Pillowcase is hand embroidered.

Thread Count 200.

100% Cotton.

Machine washable.


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