Finding our embroidery villages in ASIA- The Lost Corner

At The Lost Corner, we are great admirers of hand embroidery. We think it channels many of the qualities we see in abundance amongst our craftspeople – skill that has taken many years to master and in many cases a skill that has been passed on through the generations, patience and attention to detail.

We work with several embroidery villages in Asia, which we discovered in early 2016. Finding them was a mini odyssey and involved a 20hour train journey, where the facilities were a hole in the train floor! We bought food when the train pulled into platforms. This can be a bit stressful as we were never that sure what we were buying or when the train was going to leave! We were enthralled by the views and scenes we saw as we meandered our way through the countryside. On arrival, we were invited to lunch and had a chance to meet some of the embroiders. They are full of life and love what they do. We think so much can get discussed over a good lunch, and find the negative approach that many industries take to lunch as uninspired. We were then driven around the villages on the back of a moped, where we saw each part of the process. Interestingly, each part is looked after by a different family or team, including: the design or initial drawing on the cotton, the embroidery, the washing and ironing and quality contrl / packaging. We were impressed at how seamless this process works - please forgive the pun. We were also struck that the embroidery is very much a family affair, with all generations getting involved. They are happy and proud of what they do.

The Lost Corner’s embroidery comes in 3 patterns - Dot, White Flower, Cream Flower and includes: duvets, pillow cases, flat sheets, napkins, table runners, tablecloths and placemats. Within the write up on each product we highlight the number of hours of embroidery per item, for example, a tablecloth has 35 hours of embroidery.

The Lost Corner’s white linen with borders comes in several colours including: sky, petal, yellow and seamist. We currently have tablecloths, napkins, placemats, runners and pillow cases.

All available at The Lost Corner or online. We have also started taking bespoke orders for those looking for a particular size or style.

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Pictures below: The 20hour train journey, our embroiderers at work and the end product.