Finding our French Pottery - The Lost Corner

We are thrilled that our latest order from our French potters has arrived. It has been in the making for the last two months, and is a reminder that their work takes time, but it is so worth the wait.  It is an interesting mix, including: casserole dishes, jugs, lamp bases, mixing and salad bowls. All available at within the table-wear / Provençal section, or at 77 Church Road, Barnes.

The Pottery is based in a French village that has been associated with pottery for many years. They use 3 different types of clay - the local clay, a white clay from Limoges, and a stoneware clay from the centre of France.

The process is as follows: create the pot on the wheel and allow to dry. The drying is a slow process and it is several weeks before the first firing can be done. Each item is fired twice at over 1000 degrees. 3 kilns are used electric, wood or gas. Each piece is hand decorated and glazed.

We love the fact that all their work is hand-made and that they have created such beautiful glazes. These give their work a depth and sheen that is difficult to capture in a brief written update. The colours include: olive green, deep blue, white and ochre.

We discovered them in 2017 on a sourcing trip. We have to say that we love this part of the world - full of charm with their wonderful scenery, food and wine. We have also started the tradition of swimming in the local river after lunch - reviving and refreshing!

Best wishes,

The Lost Corner or as they say Le Coin Perdu.

Swimming in the river-  on hot days only!

Tools of the potter