Hand Blown Glass - The Lost Corner

At The Lost Corner, we are fascinated by the ancient art of glassblowing. The oldest known glass fragments were created in Mesopotamia, 16th Century B.C.

As a result, we are pleased to be able to introduce our new glass offering. Each piece is handblown and individually prepared. We visited the glassblowers to understand their process and to see them at work. It is more intricate than we thought and you need to be physically strong to manage the equipment and heat. Each piece is made up of separate parts and the rich blue is created by adding Cobalt powder to the initial mix. This mix is then put into the furnace where it it turns into a thick molten syrup. It is at this point that the glassblower extracts a globule and starts to shape and craft it. The process is labour intensive as each piece requires two people to craft.

Available at The Lost Corner - 77 Church Road or on our web-shop at www.thelostcorner.co.uk under tab Tableware- Handblown Glass.

Best wishes,

The Lost Corner