Sourcing Trip to Germany - The Lost Corner

At The Lost Corner we enjoy working with craftspeople and family businesses around the World. At the last count, we now work with businesses in fourteen different countries. Finding them is challenging and fun. We enjoy getting to know them and to understand their story.

We have just got back from a trip to Germany, where we spent time with the porcelain company we work with. We try and combine a bit of R&R with our trips. This was no exception and we enjoyed spending time in a small town east of Frankfurt. It is a walled town with Hansel and Gretel towers and we loved the excellent local cuisine and hospitality.

We loved being shown around the porcelain factory where the process has not changed for hundreds of years. We were lucky enough to see the mixing room which historically was off limits to all bar the mixers. Looking into the mixing machine as the porcelain gloop is turned was a messy experience, as the bubbling throws up dollops of porcelain onto the unwary! We underestimated what a complex process the making of porcelain is – from mixing to multiple firings to art work. The decorative artists are examples of skill, discipline and creativity. One wrong swipe of the brush and the porcelain has to be assigned to the recycle bin. A hive of activity and skill.

On the back of this we have ordered some interesting pieces including some wonderful lamps. They should be with us for the end of October. We have also prepared the way for bespoke orders as one of our customers is looking for a full dinner service. Worth bearing in mind for those who want a bespoke piece or set.  Please e mail us at enquiries@thelostcorner for further details.

Best wishes, The Lost Corner