Jug Provençal Blue - LARGE

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Measurements: height: 28cm, diameter not including handle 19cm

These Jugs are hand-made by a wonderful potter in a French village that has been making pottery for hundreds of years.  Their studio is a work of art in itself - old brick kilns, rich colours and full of style. We are inspired by the deep colours and texture they manage to bring to their work.

They use three different types of clay - the local clay, a white clay from Limoges and a stoneware clay from central France.  The making  and glazing process takes several weeks and involves two firings.

Almost all the items are thrown on the wheel with the square pieces made in a mould. 

For larger orders, please contact enquiries@thelostcorner.co.uk.  

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Care Instructions:

Hand wash or wipe before first use. These products are ovenproof, microwave-safe and dishwasher safe at temperatures lower than 50 degrees.